Lisa McAdams in the middle pictured with her PA and her Business Strategist, Ayesha.

Stevie (PA), me, Ayesha (Business Strategist)

If you’re reading this and wondering whether taking calculated risks can be worth it, I feel you. In early 2014, I could never have dreamed of the success taking a few calculated risks would bring.

I am writing this New Year blog from Ballarat in rural Victoria, staying with my Business Strategist and friend Ayesha Hilton and today I met my PA Stevie. When I think of where I was this time last year, this is beyond amazing. This year proved to me that taking a calculated risk and living by design reaps great rewards.

Life’s all about knowing what you want and the risks you are prepared to take to get there.

Taking Risks in 2014

Last January I was trying to decide whether or not to do a course called Get Clients in 30 Days. It was three payments of $197, which for me then was a serious investment. I decided to go for it. I had been running my business for 4 years and it had trickled by, but not really grown. So I knew something had to change. Although I didn’t attain any clients in that 30 days, I realised just how much I had to learn about marketing and the way I wanted to run my business.

In March I made an even bigger investment in my business, which you can imagine was a huge decision for me. Bravely, I entered the next level with the Business Essentials program at an outlay of $5,000, with 10 monthly payments of US$497.00. I didn’t even have the money for the first payment. Yet from somewhere deep inside I knew this was the right move.

So, trusting my gut, I did something that was really difficult for me; I asked my Mum to lend me the first payment. To my delight and amazement she said she wanted to treat me and she didn’t want me to worry on top of everything else about paying her back. This was totally unexpected. In the past, my Mum has been less than supportive of my endeavours, but I think because I was taking myself and my business seriously, she was taking me seriously too.

Ups and Downs

When you’re striving for something, whether it be success, fulfilment, or change, often you get ups and downs. My 2014 was no exception. I’d committed to growing my business, but I had forces working against me.

I joined the Business Essentials program with the first payment covered but absolutely no idea how I was going to cover the next payment, convinced that with what I learned I would easily get clients and make the payments.

But I wasn’t feeling well; I had zero energy. My daughter’s best friend had Glandular Fever, so in February I asked my doctor to test me for it and at the same time check that my Grave’s disease was still in remission. The doctor told me the tests came back clear.

When you’re striving for something, whether it be success, fulfilment, or change, often you get ups and downs.

The English in me meant I adopted a stiff upper lip approach and carried on as best I could. Despite feeling lousy, I managed to decorate my hallway, bathroom and both my kids’ bedrooms. I had promised the kids I would get our house decorated this year.

By July it was clear my health was in a bad way. I finally overruled the English girl in me, went to the doctor and insisted on answers. When the answer came, I was horrified.

Actually, ‘horrified’ is an understatement. It turns out I had been given the wrong results in February! I did in fact have Grave’s Disease and Glandular Fever. Because of this, for the first time ever I had to start taking medication for my diabetes. Talk about some down times for 2014!

Now my health is improving slowly and I am hoping this body is up to the challenge of running the London Marathon in April.

Preparing for the New Year

In preparation for 2015, I decorated my bedroom because I knew if I was going to become all that I have planned to be I need nurturing surroundings.

I finished the last room I had to decorate which was my office and dining room. My office and dining room were top priority — they are where I’m building my empire from.

This year, despite my health issues, I kept my promise to decorate our beautiful home and on top of that I have built my business. I can hold my head up and know that I have made 2014 a successful year.

The London Marathon and ‘Reclaim Your Life Now’

In 2015, I am excited to train for the London Marathon, to go home a victorious woman.

I am especially proud to launch my new program ‘Reclaim Your Life Now’ in January. ‘Reclaim Your Life Now’ is a step by step guide to show how you can reclaim your life, wherever you are now. I am more confident in myself and what I can achieve because of all that I achieved this year despite the challenges life bought to my door.

My calculated risk to take the Business Essentials course paid big dividends and made 2014 a success. Life’s all about knowing what you want and the risks you are prepared to take to get there.

I look forward to guiding my clients so they can work out what is missing from their lives and get to where they too can say at the end of the 2015, “Wow what a ride! There were ups and down, but I am exactly where I intended to be if not further ahead.” Because I know that if you get the right help at the right time, the sky is only the beginning of the limit.

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