Lisa in a blue topI am somebody who has always believed in the interconnectedness of all things. I believe that if you look, you will see the connections.

Sometimes this interconnectedness can help us make the best decisions about who to work with – whether you’re looking for a photographer, graphic designer, personal trainer, or life coach, the key to a successful working relationship is knowing why you want to work with that person in particular.

Recently I had the proof of how connected and how small the world really is–and it worked in my favour.

Making a decision for the wrong reasons

I was trying to find a photographer for my new branding. Although the photographers were super talented they all asked ‘what do you want, let me know and I can shoot that for you’. The trouble was I didn’t know what I wanted. I knew on a deep level, but I think in words not pictures so my brain really isn’t wired to explain visually what it is I wanted. I was frustrated!

I finally choose a photographer who seemed good; he had some really impressive shots on his website. But I still didn’t commit. I knew I would need my makeup done so I phoned my close friend Ange, who sells makeup for a living, to ask if she could come along and do my makeup. I was talking about my photographer and she asked, ‘Why did you pick him?’ I realised in that moment I had no idea why I picked him.

This was for my new branding I was working all hours to get ready to launch my new program. It was important why I picked the photographer I did. Surely I needed a good answer as to why this one.

Making a decision for the right reasons

When I hung up from Ange, I googled photographers in my local area and I found Zahrina. I left a message for her to call. We discussed what I needed and who I am, and like a breath of fresh air Zahrina talked about her vision for my shoot – I just love saying that: my shoot. Now this was over budget but I knew that this was the right direction.

When asked why I picked Zahrina I could give lots of reasons:

  • My gut instinct said yes, yes ,yes
  • Our connection.
  • Her vision
  • Her energy
  • Her understanding of who I am
  • Her reputation
  • My hair and makeup was covered

I phoned Ange and told her that I wouldn’t need her for make up as it was covered. I invited another friend to come to my shoot with me. I was so excited. The day before I went shopping for clothes with my stylist Gwen. I was loving this, if this is what rebranding looks like I am all for it. On the day of the shoot I was nervous but excited. Oh boy it was so much fun.

When I got the pictures I was blown away!

LisaredtopwebI had always looked nervous and strained in photos. Nobody had ever said to me: ‘Wow! Don’t you look relaxed and happy in that photo’. But in Zahrina photos that is exactly what I look like, which is good because that’s how I feel!

It’s a small world

I was so glad my conversation with Ange had pushed me to find a different photographer, it was exactly the right fit for me. That’s when I got my confirmation on how small the universe is.

I friended Zahrina on Facebook and Facebook informed me that she was friends with Ange. Now as we all know a Facebook friend does not actually equate to a friend, if you know what I mean. So I texted Ange and asked, her response blew me away: ‘Yes I know her well. Her hubby went to uni with mine. Small world’. Why hadn’t I asked Ange if she knew a photographer? I don’t know but I am glad she pushed me on why I choose as I did let me to where I needed to be.

I lessons I learned here are ones we all need to learn, because whether you are hiring a trainer, a coach or in my case a photographer can you answer the question why I am choosing them and if not, why not? We all deserve the best and if who we pick is a good fit we will easily answer the question: ‘Why did you pick them?’ If we can’t then our search is not over. So ask the questions listen to your gut.

As a coach it is important to me that both my clients and I know the answer as to why we are working together because that way we can have an outcome as good as my photoshoot!