I am proud to say that I am known as a thought leader in the field of domestic violence. I am proud to add my voice and years of experience to aid in dealing with this issue. I believe that this subject is long overdue for a new way of thinking and a new approach.

Family violence impacts us all

Employers are aware that this is affecting both their productivity and employees but are stuck as to where to find a solution that enables them to honour their corporate responsibilities and engage in domestic violence policies and strategies.

Employees want to feel good about the place they work

So how then do these corporations balance that with the very real need to provide an ethical workplace? Today’s employees are becoming more aware and more engaged social citizens than ever before.

We need to do more than simply tick boxes

In the area of domestic violence, it is about having policies and strategies that will work and have a real impact. The business arena is changing fast and it is no longer enough to simply tick boxes.

Policies and training are good for all

We need to be realistic when we talk about corporate responsibilities because organisations have many responsibilities. For them to be in a position to truly engage we need to accept that incorporating new policies will need to be looked at from a point of view of the company as a whole. Whatever the size of the company.

This is the future

I am passionate about bringing training and education to organisations in the area of domestic violence because integrating policies and training that work for companies and employees alike is not only possible but can be done in a way where the whole company benefits.

True culture change is the answer

Where real change is happening and companies are improving their productivity and retaining key employees which will all know ultimately will improve the bottom line.

At the same time, it will bring a true culture change and positively affect the lives of employees who are struggling silently in an abusive relationship at the same time as they aim to do the very best work the can.

A leader takes ownership and action

I think of myself as an action leader who meets corporates where they are and can take them from a place of being stuck when it comes to breaking the code of silence around domestic violence in their organisations to a place of ownership and action.

This is my why

I can enable workplaces to get to a position where they have the policies and strategies in place and can themselves be seen as progressive, caring leaders who take action because they value their employees and customers.

As thoughts and words will only get us so far. To be a true leader the action is key.