Confidential information is no longer under lock and key

We live in a technological world and the paperless office that not so long ago seemed like a story out of science fiction is now virtually (excuse the pun) here. In this modern digital world where we no longer file documents in huge filing cabinets and have rooms full of archived records. These can now be accessed and downloaded from the server to computers in seconds. Workplaces have embraced and adapted to this electronic age.

Confidential files available almost anywhere at anytime

Gone are the days of signing out a file so you could take it home to work on it. We have our laptops and our logins and we can access all the material at our security level form anywhere 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This freedom to access documents has changed the way we work; we work on the train, local cafes, and as much as we say we won’t we even work on vacation.

Companies have reaped the benefits of this and they now have access to their employees in their homes which is a plus. The downside has to be that sensitive, confidential materials are also available from anywhere 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means that confidential information is vulnerable to hacking and tampering all the time.

Is your company plugging all the security leaks

Companies are investing a great deal of time and effort protecting their data using focused third party data centers who provide ultra-secure, climate controlled environments with back up that is almost real time. These have numerous internet connections and encryption codes and firewalls used as protection. Because companies know the value of their data and know the smart choice is to do what is in their power to protect it.

Technical abuse is a recognized form of domestic violence

This is why I know it is important for companies to realise they vulnerability when it comes to domestic violence and importantly understand technical abuse and how it could affect their own confidential data, intellectual property and client files . Because for all the investment of time, energy and money spent protecting it on a large scale it is left within easy access of an abuser who would tamper with these files  to destroy the person they are abusing’s career with no thought nor care to the negative impact that their actions is having on the company’s confidentiality,clients, finances, employees or its reputation.

Is there a breach is your security?

Gone are the days where informed intelligent people can convince themselves that abused only happens to uneducated people in a low socio-economic background, so it is likely that a company’s data is vulnerable at a high security level. When it is considered the prevalence of domestic violence is our society this amounts to a big security breach. Is it a breach that your company has plugged?