Brilliant in its Simplicity

Two Good Co is a wonderful organisation which is brilliant in its simplicity. Buy a jar for lunch and Two Good Co donates women in a shelters like Emerge or The Wayside Chapel and St Canices Kitchen who offer assistance and food to the homeless. The one pictured above Martin Benn of Sydney’s highest rated restaurant Sepia. Other award winning chefs involved include Matt Moran Aria , Kylie Kwong Billy Kwong and Neil Perry Rockpool to name but a few. I know just how amazing it would have been to receive one of these beautiful jars created by Australia’s top chefs when I was in the shelter.

Abuse hurts so does Neglect

Because the things that stand out for me when I look back on when I first left an abusive relationship and went to a shelter were the little things. The small acts of kindness that reminded me that I was a person and deserved to be treated well. Usually when I am asked about my own experience of domestic violence I am asked about what was done to me. What I rarely get asked is what was missing in life. There were many Important things missing like love, affection, kindness and caring.

I felt less than human

Being subjected to abuse in dehumanising, there was a feeling of it being my fault and the lack of any kind of loving acts added to this feeling of being worthless. This lack of love and care slowly eroded my sense of self-worth until I was only a shell of who was. I was told ‘I deserved the abuse, that other normal women obviously did not’ I started to believe this as an undeniable truth.

Healing started with small acts of kindness

When I finally found the strength and courage to leave I went to a women’s shelter and I received some toiletries wrapped in cellophane with a pretty purple ribbon. This simple act of wrapping these basics were a catalyst in my regaining my sense of who I was and that kindness still existed in the world. Today after all these years I still get emotional when I talk about that little package with a purple bow.

Domestic violence does not define who I am

This is why I am so proud to be a small part of helping Rob and Two Good Co because I want to show people who are struggle with tough times in their life that they are worth kindness, thought and beautiful things, including delicious food. But also that what they are going through is a tough time and does not define who they are. My own tough times lasted decades. But I made a choice to do what I could to heal, understand and move on form abuse. Now I proudly educate others including businesses on the impact of domestic violence and strategies to improve outcomes.

Domestic violence does not discriminate

As someone who lived through abuse I have been called many names and accused of being many degrading things. I am so proud to be an example of what is possible if you believe in yourself. I have recently been accused of being too accomplished to have lived through abuse, I take this as a compliment. But I do ask the question why do people think that being a survivor of abuse and being successful and articulate are mutually exclusive. It is my mission to break down this stigma because domestic violence does not discriminate. Understanding and excepting this truth is a big step toward finding a solution.

There is a lot to learn, so let’s lead the way and start with a jar of good food and a conversation and go from there!