A question I get asked often is ‘Corporate’s know they have to do something about domestic violence, but what?

The answer is education because the more of the population that understand domestic violence beyond the one sided story  the media tell, the greater the chance of people recognises the signs and know what is happening to them or the people in their life’s

School’s are educating children about abuse in the home

Schools are starting to educate students about abuse and violence in the home, which is brilliant because I know the difference it would have made to me as a child to know what I was being subjected to in the home I would have been equip with the vital information I needed to make better decisions and choices than I did as an adult. I could have started my life post abuse two decades earlier.

Who is teaching adults about domestic violence?

But is reality teaching our children without engaging adults in the same education will not bring about a shift in domestic violence in Australia. It is not children’s job to deal with this issue alone! Nor will talking about how hopeless the situation it is and carry on the current situation of sharing victim stories with no hope on the horizon. We have talked about the horrors of domestic violence for years, and they are real I have lived them. But we need to do more than share stories and say it has to stop.

Educating adults is our best chance for lasting change

We need to educate adults on mass the same way we are children. Adults are in a position to break this soul destroying cycle of violence so many families are in. They need to understand the dynamics of abuse. Because believe me when I tell you the cycle is really hard to see when you are in it. By educating adults on mass we have the greatest chance of making a change for the better.

Corporate social responsibility includes domestic violence education

This is what corporate’s can do, they can roll out training programs to there employees so the know and understand the signs of abuse. Domestic violence is complex and complicated. Corporate training along with domestic violence workplace policies could bridge this information gap and if enough companies engage we could have a completely different outlook within the next couple of years.

Employees, especially those in abusive relationships do not need corporate’s to get emotional on this issue. I would go as far as to say it is the last thing they need. In fact  pragmatic, unemotional institutions training in a pragmatic unemotional way is what is needed right now. Corporate’s are in truly unique place to help.

It’s a win/win for corporate

The benefits for corporate in educating their employees are many including

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved bottom line
  • Reduced recruitment costs
  • Decreased staff turnover and absenteeism
  • A good social license

For corporate’s who are the early adopters of domestic violence workplace education this is PR gold because in the modern world social media corporate’s must take there corporate social responsibility seriously. A great social licence is after all great for business.