When it comes to the issue of domestic violence I think we have reached a point where we need to go beyond talking about awareness. We have created a conversation and evoked genuine emotion around this issue. Now is the time to take the emotion out of the what we do and create solutions that will positively impact those involved. I know, I can feel the resistance, how can we possibly take the emotion out of this issue? People need to understand how dreadful it is. Isn’t it cruel to be unemotional about such an emotional issue?

But let’s compare it to a city after a natural disaster;  there is devastation and usually a loss of life! It is a highly charged situation and of course initially we are in shock and emotions run high. I feel this is the place we have been in around the horrors of the truth about domestic violence.

Thankfully as a society we now starting to accept the magnitude of this issue.

As a society we have spent the last year accepting the magnitude of this issue both in numbers and the shear violence that occurs in families and our communities. Emotionally we are on board that this has to stop that a solution needs to be found. And like the city after a natural disaster. Those people who can rebuild the city need to leave they emotions aside and sit down and talk openly, put a plan in place and start taking action.

In business we have the awareness with 34% of companies having a domestic violence policy. We now need to beyond the theory and awareness, set the emotion aside and start implementing things that will create the change both business and society need.

We are now aware of the problem, it is time for action.

Because at this junction in our history being emotional and creating awareness is not enough. In fact I think  being too emotional can prevent action. Like the city after a natural disaster we need to rebuild. We need to create society where domestic violence is dealt with on all levels where the leaders are working together to find a solution calmly and strategically. This is in fact the kindest thing they can do.

I rebuild my life from the ground up.

I know when I was in a refuge my life, my confidence, my self-esteem needing rebuilding. Like a city after a natural disaster; domestic violence had taken everything that I considered mine, my career, my home, my financial security. I am lucky the people that were there to help me rebuild, went beyond awareness, left emotions out of it. At least they didn’t show me how they felt. In was with the strength and kindness that lack of emotion gave me that I could rebuild my life from the ground up.

If it this lack of emotionalism employees need when they come to their workplace for help and support. They need an emotionally empathetic approach which comes form understanding not only the issue but the support their organisation provides. This is what I call pragmatic empathy, which rebuilds a city after a natural disaster  then surely it is this same logical, practical approach that can bring about a new reality when it comes to supporting employees dealing with domestic violence.