In recent weeks, it has been hard to read the news. In Australia, we have Manus and Nauru, and the Government’s inability to resolve this problem – now I don’t pretend to know what the answers are. But I do know that it is not to lock up innocent men and women. And we should be able to expect a government who can take responsibility and find the answers instead of boasting about this appalling situation.

We have the Centrelink debt debacle, which is beyond cruel, the Australian Government is literally handed over debt from the poorest and most vulnerable to   private debt collectors, even as I write this I struggle to comprehend it. I mean we have our government who are paid to govern and protect not persecute setting debt collectors on people, before they even have a system in place to assess debts reliably.

This has made it harder to leave abusive relationships as now people will have the added fear of applying for Centrelink. I have heard survivors of domestic violence describe Centrelink as their second abuser.

We need more than talk.

How can Malcolm Turnbull preach that domestic violence and violence against women will not be tolerated by his government and he plans to eradicate it when he is making it harder and harder for people to escape? There is no action on housing affordability, less and less funding and support for essential services. I am finding it increasingly hard to be grateful for the increase in conversation when things on the front line are deteriorating.

A government so out of touch.

How did there become such a gap between government policy and behaviour and the people it is employed to represent? I have lived in Australia for 16 years and the people I meet bare no resembles to the majority entitled greedy people that govern this amazing country. When Malcolm Turnbull and Julia Bishop defended, and gushed about our wonderful relationship with the new American Administration, proudly declaring that it is our border protection that led the way for Donald Trump’s monstrous immigration ban, I felt sick to my stomach.

They are Public Servants.

Flying first class and living the life of luxury whilst traveling for business is a thing of the past, for people working in corporate. They accept that cost must be a factor in booking travel and work their schedules to achieve maximum outcome for minimum expenditure. Not so our politicians who live like rock stars, showing off on red carpets. Saying things so incongruent with how we feel. When they are paid, public servants is plain wrong and increasingly we are losing our ability to stomach this, because enough is enough.

In these times we need strong Government

The days of the government getting away with blaming the poor for everything, while they get away with shoddy policy making and appalling financial management are hopefully in the past. Because in these times we need people who are up to the challenge of government and have the countries best interests at heart not their own or their parties. 

To be honest there were a couple of hours where I thought ‘Given the current political climate both here and overseas is there any point in what I do? – can I really make a difference? 

Then I saw just how many corporates stood up against The US immigration ban and said this is not ok! We will support our staff and we will stand against this discrimination. Qantas went as far as offering refunds or reallocations of flights.

We used to have a situation where the government had to protect us from large corporates and now we are in the bizarre situation where large corporates are trying to protect us from governments.

It is the same with the issue of domestic violence and how best to support people. In Australia, we now have 34.9% of corporates with a domestic violence policy, which in many cases includes paid domestic violence leave. While the government says, it is costly and unnecessary. We are living in the times of CSR (corporate social responsibility) Maybe it is time for GSR (government social responsibility).

Now wouldn’t that be nice!