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Jess Hill, Lisa McAdams, Christine Holgate and Delia Donovan
Employee Wellbeing

We believe psychologically safe workplace is an inherent right for all. With our guidance and training, this a possible, and achievable goal.

Safe Space Workplace was founded by Lisa McAdams in 2015 to help organisations navigate the complexities of Domestic Family Abuse enabling them to support employees and clients impacted. Safe Space Workplace also specialises in teaching trauma-informed techniques, recognising and dealing with workplace harassment and people with difficult personalities.


With nearly a decade of experience in training and coaching on these difficult and sensitive issues within workplaces, including ASX 500 companies, Government, NGOs and the NFP sector, on the traits of bullies, the complex behaviours of abuse, the effects of trauma and how to support employees and customers dealing with abuse in the home and workplace. Safe Space Workplace are the experts in helping companies deal with these sensitive and difficult-to-navigate subjects and situations.

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