Lisa McAdams is a domestic violence survivor, strategist and solutions consultant who through her company Lead the Way implements domestic violence workplace solutions into businesses.

An expert in the field

It has been said you need at least 10,000 hours’ experience to become an expert in something. And with over 390,000 hours lived experience of abuse, over 100,000 hours working in corporate and over 80,000 hours learning and researching the consequences and outcomes of domestic violence and how to solve these issues, Lisa really can lay claim to being one of the leading experts in her field. Lisa is considered a thought leader in the space of domestic violence workplace awareness programs solutions

Lived experience

Lisa has understands what is like to live through Child Abuse and Domestic Violence not because she has studied but because she has been there. Lisa was abused for over three decades and will share the knowledge she gained to consult and inform you how best to help the people you serve.

We will tell you what nobody else will.

Lisa will give you a candid opinion of the service you provide and advise you how you can improve the way your organisation approached this issue, because as busy and overwhelmed your organisation may be the people you serve deserve that you are equip with the very best information.

Lisa has the knowledge to share so your team do not have to spend hours away from the work they excel in to research this subject. Lisa will consult with you on what is best for your business and what is needed to implement it.

We know Domestic Violence and we know business so contact to talk business to business, because whether you are for profit or not for profit we know domestic violence in all its complexities.

Contact Lisa
0488 547230

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