How do we prevent men from becoming violent? How do we stop those who have from continuing the cycle? And although men are statistically far less likely to be the victims of domestic violence, how do we help those who are?

In this episode, Lisa interviews Martin Fisk CEO of Menslink – an organisation that provides counselling, mentoring, and support for young men in Canberra. They tackle the area of how we prevent young men from becoming violent, and providing the support they need to take their life in a different direction. Menslink are working to change the idea that it’s not okay for men to ask for help. It is okay, and it’s a vital part of ending domestic violence.

If you or anyone you know is experiencing domestic violence, please call 1800 RESPECT. If it’s an emergency, please call the emergency services in your region (000 for Australia).

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Lisa roundLisa McAdams

I decided to start Hope beyond abuse because I have been there and I know how daunting it can be to realise and accept that you are living in an abusive relationship.

I hope that by reading my blogs and listening to the podcasts you will gain insight to what is happening to you and feel less alone. If you know somebody whom you suspect is being abused, I hope you can gain an understanding of how best to help them.

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Lisa McAdams

About Lisa: Lisa is a survivor of domestic violence who shares her story openly; along with knowledge and understanding of abuse and her experience from her time in corporate to help companies develop an organisational culture of empathy and understanding.

She helps by bringing insights on this complex and emotional subject, ensuring managers understand the issue, the signs and how to communicate with those impacted by domestic violence.

Lisa is passionate about educating workplaces so they can ensure women in abusive relationships remain in the workplace. Because employment improves outcomes and can ultimately save lives.

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