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Executive Coaching Program

Reclaim Confidence & Become an Empowered Senior Female Leader. Without Feeling Fearful or Holding Yourself Back.


Feeling Overwhelmed and Frustrated

There is an Emotional and Career Cost that comes with having to Deal with Co Workers that Create Toxic Workplaces. 

We believe psychosocial safety  in the workplace is everyone’s right.

I coach female leaders to eliminate feelings of anger, frustration and helplessness.

So you can reclaim your confidence as an empowered leader. 

Effectively communicate and deal with the manipulative people and toxic situations.

Being in control of your emotions, career and your home life.

And I can do the same for you

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Meet your shortcut to success...

The Executive Coaching Program

Step 1: Schedule A Call

Schedule a 30-minute Call via zoom so you can understand your situation and I can answer your questions.

Step 2: Let's get it done

Once in the Program. You'll eliminate obstacles and always know what to do and when.

Step 3: Lead with Confidence

You'll have a plan to eliminate obstacles created by toxic personalities and you will always know what to do and when. You will build strong, connected, resilient teams.

Don't take my word for it - hear from some of my clients.


"I felt Validated!"

If you have found yourself in a toxic relationship, recently or in the past – I highly recommend the comprehensive program, The Courageous Communicator, run by Lisa McAdams. The program is expertly facilitated, allowing you to step back and look at the experience from an evidence-based perspective – as well as provided space to examine and validate feelings. I completed the program and gained a valuable understanding of how to recognise the toxic relationship - and have developed important skills for how to navigate them.
Coaching and leadership
Jo Balmforth
Policy & Advocacy Advisor RANZCP Melbourne

"I learnt so much!"

Lisa is an outstanding leader and professional and has amazing insight and compassion for others and I learnt so much working with her. Lisa is a powerful and emotive speaker who can convey messages with remarkable ease. It was a true joy to work with an amazing woman who is selfless, professional and dedicated to helping people.
Domestic Family Abuse
Libby Cunnington
Assistant Director AEC Melbourne

"Lasting Impact!"

Lisa skilfully used her lived experience to educate and inform, fostering discussions and addressing challenging questions with a perfect blend of grace and humour. Her authentic delivery and invaluable contribution made a lasting impact, elevating the entire space. Lisa's ability to create an environment of understanding and empathy, coupled with her commitment to trauma-informed education, sets a standard for inclusive learning and healing.
Trauma informed
Daf Dar
Program Manager Two Good Co Sydney

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7-Step Courageous Communication success path.

1. Understand Communication Dynamics

Know your leadership style and the communication dynamics within your teams

2. Harness Emotional Control

Own your reactions – feel empowered in all your conversations

3. Defining and Honouring Boundaries

Set internal and external boundaries. Take back control from coworkers. Learn how to hold boundaries and remain in control even when dealing with toxic and difficult situations

4. Deciphering challenging Environments

Learn to translate narcissistic behaviours. Know the feeling of relieve when you understand you have been set up to fail and know how to change future interactions

5. Redefining Past Interactions for Strength & Resilience

Understand expect or deal with past interactions. Modify future interactions. Confidence is building as your inner world is becoming calmer and more resilient.

6. Enhancing Leadership Skills

Learn to effectively communicate with a narcissistic personality. Start to create a psychologically safe workplace for you and your teams.

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