Hope Beyond Abuse

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Lead the Way offers a series of solutions to train the staff and volunteers of service providers on the complexities of domestic violence including workshops, speaking, facilitated training, and workshops. Lisa also offers online training through webinars and video training. All Lisa’s training is gender neutral and focus on change and hope rather than blame and shaming.

Lisa believes two things are necessary for real change to happen: hope and knowledge. This is the philosophy behind all Lisa’s training. If you can give people the knowledge they need in order to change and the hope that it is possible, then they will start to engage with the organisations and people trying to help them. Lisa equips staff and volunteers with the knowledge and insight to truly engage with all parties involved in the cycle of family violence.

Lisa knows first-hand, having broken the cycle of generational abuse herself, that if someone knows how to teach in a way that helps clients believe in themselves, change is possible. Lisa shares her story of moving from hopelessness to empowerment with an openness and honesty that can break down barriers and help staff and volunteers to accept all aspects of domestic violence. Lisa knows the joy of healing and living a full life and communicates this in a way that makes others know that a life free from the struggle and inner torment is achievable and wants to pass on her knowledge so that others can receive the care needed to break the cycle of generational abuse.

What For

If staff and volunteers have the training and insight to see the complexities of domestic violence they will be able to meet their clients exactly where they are without judgement. This way they will be in a position to facilitate real healing and help those involved finally break the seemingly never ending cycle of generational family abuse.

It is an important part of healing and moving forward to accept what has been and own your part in it. I share my story to give hope that it is possible to heal. To show that by claiming back your life and taking responsibility, you can start to deal with the hurt inside and accept the help available. Those that are in the cycle of violence can learn that real healing cannot be done in isolation and that they are worthy of good life free from abuse (including self-abuse). This creates an openness to work through issues. It is this openness that is at the core of my work.


My Story of Abuse & Survival

I talk about the impact of domestic violence on my life and the coping skills I used. In sharing my story I help staff and volunteers relate to their clients. I help them reach them by being honest about my part in the story of my life the good, the bad, and the ugly. I share what I have learnt in the decade since I made the decision to leave my abusive marriage and break the cycle of generational abuse for my own children.

This is not easy to achieve, but achieve it I have. For this to be possible, I first needed to have the hope that it was possible. It is this hope that is the core to my speaking. I lead by example and by honestly sharing where I have been, I share how staff and volunteers can in still that hope in clients

My talks are designed to motivate staff and volunteers by helping them connect to their clients and realise the true difference they are making.

My Story

I share my story of how I healed and the importance of the organisations that helped me achieve my goal of breaking the cycle of generational abuse. These talks are to motivate and inspire staff and volunteers that their rolls truly make a difference and can be a beautiful antidote to the day to day and the disappointments.

These talks can be designed with your organisation in mind.

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