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I had the privilege of having EY as my first client to support their ongoing commitment to creating a working environment that promotes gender equity and models non-violent and respectful relationships. EY invited me to provide my comprehensive training program across their offices in Australia and New Zealand, ensuring all their people had the tools and support needed to assist those impacted by domestic violence. My sessions were designed to address the unique needs of the organization, blending practical advice with empathy and understanding. The positive feedback from participants reaffirmed the program’s effectiveness in raising awareness and empowering employees to take meaningful action.

The impact of my training program at EY was both profound and far-reaching. Employees gained a deeper understanding of domestic violence issues and learned how to support colleagues and clients affected by such situations. This training reinforced EY’s dedication to gender equity and respectful relationships, fostering a culture where everyone feels safe, valued, and supported. As a result, the organisation experienced significant improvements in employee engagement, morale, and trust. It has been incredibly rewarding to see EY strengthen its reputation as a leader in promoting a healthy and respectful work environment, and I am honoured to have been a part of their journey.

I am grateful to EY for sponsoring the launch of my book Domestic Violence Changing Culture, Saving Lives in 2018

At Unilever, we focused on educating employees about the importance of creating a safe and open workplace. They embraced the need for change, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment. By highlighting the significance of psychological safety and respectful interactions, we helped Unilever cultivate a culture where every employee feels valued and heard.

Our input provided Unilever with the knowledge to understand coercive control and the behaviors that underpin it. This empowerment enabled them to recognise and effectively address these issues within their organization. By equipping their team with these critical insights, Unilever is now better prepared to maintain a healthy, respectful, and productive workplace for all employees.

This commitment to learning and change has significantly enhanced the workplace culture, promoting psychological safety and well-being for all employees.

Suncorp engaged us to provide expert advice to the insurance and banking industry on the critical issue of domestic family abuse. Our deep understanding of the complexities surrounding domestic family abuse allowed us to offer comprehensive guidance on identifying, addressing, and supporting affected individuals within these sectors. Through this targeted expert consultation, we equipped industry professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle such sensitive situations with empathy and effectiveness.

Our collaboration with Suncorp highlights the importance of addressing domestic family abuse within the corporate landscape. By fostering a culture of awareness and support, we helped insurance and banking professionals understand the profound impact of domestic family abuse on their clients and employees. This initiative not only enhanced their ability to provide compassionate assistance but also reinforced their commitment to corporate social responsibility, ultimately contributing to a safer and more supportive environment for all stakeholders.

Great Southern Bank engaged us to co-create comprehensive policies, procedures, and toolkits designed to enhance the company’s approach to creating a psychosocially safe workplace. Our collaboration ensured that these new frameworks were tailored to address the unique needs and challenges of their organization. We worked closely with their team to develop practical and effective solutions that would be seamlessly integrated into their daily operations, fostering a culture of support and safety across all levels of the company.

To ensure the successful implementation of these initiatives, we also participated in the launch to build awareness and engagement among employees. Our involvement in the rollout included interactive workshops, informational sessions, and hands-on training to ensure that everyone understood the importance of the new policies and felt empowered to contribute to a safer work environment. This comprehensive approach not only educated employees but also instilled a sense of ownership and commitment to maintaining a supportive and inclusive workplace at Great Southern

Lisa’s skill is in bringing together the head and the heart.... She inspired discussion and motivation for action. Thank you, Lisa, for such a valuable contribution to our work.
Lucy Idle (Weston)
As part of our ongoing commitment to creating a working environment which promotes gender equity and models non-violent and respectful relationships, we invited Lisa McAdams to provide her training program on this serious issue and ensure all our people across Australia and New Zealand have the tools and support needed to assist those impacted
Tony Johnson CEO Oceania, EY
Lisa’s down to earth yet professional communications style enabled her to connect while discussing a sometimes-confronting topic.
Rebecca W