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Who are we?

Safe Space Workplace (SSW) is named purposely because for many victims of abuse the workplace is literally the only safe space they have. We believe, with proper training in the complexities of the behaviours that make up Domestic Family Violence (DFV) and Workplace Employee Abuse (WEA) delivered with a sound understanding of trauma informed practices that enables employees to communicate support and hold space for those impacted the workplace really can become a safe space and make a huge difference to the productivity and mental health of team members.

At Safe Space Workplace, we understand DFV and the intersection between the workplace and staff and customers living with abuse. At Safe Space Workplace, we understand the desire to support your staff and make sure they are psychologically safe, whether they are disclosing abuse or supporting an impacted colleague/ customer. Staff members do not need to be experts in this area. Rather, they need to understand DFV and how to communicate and support someone enough to be ‘Comfortable being uncomfortable’ when it comes to dealing with this issue in the workplace.


This is where Safe Space Workplace come in. We have the knowledge and experience to implement DFV trainings to ensure that staff know and understand the language and behaviours DFV and WEA, how to communicate, recognise the signs, their boundaries and the support available both internally and externally.

This not only equips managers, leaders and staff with the knowledge they need, but it will help to create a company culture that is safe, inclusive and supportive.

Those in your business will be sent a clear message that you not only support them but also have actively sought to be equipped to offer them the assistance and referral pathways they require.

The Safe Space Workplace is an easy way to let your community know that the psychological safety and welfare of those working in or doing business with you is paramount.

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My Approach to Coaching

Lisa McAdams created the Safe Space Workplace Toolkit from her own experiences living with years of multi-generational abuse, working in high level corporate roles and the past five years consulting and implementing training to ASX500 companies, Government Departments and NFPs in Australia and overseas.

The Safe Space Workplace Toolkit can be tailored to the unique requirements of each organisation and integrated into their existing HR policies. Working closely with our clients, Safe Space Workplace ensures the work environment is safe and responsive, and that employers and managers are empowered, confident and ‘comfortable being uncomfortable’ when talking about Domestic Family Violence and Workplace Employee Abuse.

Create A Safe Space

The workplace is one of the few places someone living with Domestic Family Violence can be away from their abusive partner. Workplaces are often the only place they have time to think without constant harassment. With COVID isolation in place many have now lost this safe space.

At Safe Space Workplace, we know this is the truth of the situation for any employee. The behaviours and language that occur in DFV are also present in Workplace Employee Abuse which is what we call bullying and harassment at SSW. If your workplace has the policy, structure, support, training and skill set in place, you will create a culture where employees have the understanding and knowledge to feel able and safe to reach out for help.

With leaders who are equipped and prepared to communicate with empathy and offer the support required. At the same time, you will ensure the psychological safety of the employees assisting them. In this way, your workplace becomes part of the solution to DFV and mitigate the risks of both DFV and WEA on your organisation.

Breaking The Code Of Silence

There is no denying that domestic violence has a negative effect on productivity, staff retention and ultimately the bottom line. In looking at and analysing these issues, it is time to stop and look at what this is doing to the culture of an organisation and the effects it is having on the work environment for its key players.

HR personnel, managers, and colleagues are all working under a code of silence and it is impacting their mental health and productivity. Without clear guidelines in place employees are dealing with this issue in isolation. Employees are looking to work in companies where they feel supported and are no longer willing to shoulder responsibility for issues that arise from domestic violence, in isolation.

It is time to create a Safe Space Workplace and accept corporate responsibly and create not only the policies and training but also a workplace environment that says we are not going to tolerate abuse in any form in an engaged and ethical way.

You Can Be A Change Leader

Domestic Violence is prominent in both the media and in government and companies need a corporate solution to a domestic issue.

Corporations are now required by changing times to take their corporate responsibilities seriously. Safe Space Workplace knows this and also understands when it comes to incorporating domestic violence policies, companies have a responsibility to shareholders and other interested parties and any policy implemented cannot be detrimental to those interests.

Corporations who adopt these policies will be sending a message that they do not tolerate bullying or any form of workplace abuse. These early adopters will be seen as progressive companies and it is the progressive companies who will attract and retain key employees, a fact which will positively effect productivity and ultimately the bottom line.

Safe Space Workplace offers a complete solution as outlined below. The program can also be tailored to include components addressing specific needs and areas of companies can also take the components separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Courageous Communicator Course just for businesses or can individuals take the course?

The Courageous Communicator Course is an online course which is designed for individuals, but can be adapted for businesses.

Do you do coach individual clients?

Yes, I have been a coach for nearly a decade. I specialise in confidence, knowing your worth and communicating in a way that your needs are met or if they are not, you can make conscious decisions about your future.

Do you coach groups?

At the moment I only coach groups in conjunction with The Courageous Communicator Course. Please book a call to discuss options if you would like Group Coaching.

Does Safe Space Workplace do Behaviour Change work?

Yes, we teach on the language and behaviours of abusive and toxic behaviours so it can be recognised and changed, both in individuals and teams.

When is the International Day of Elimination of Violence of Women?

25th November each year, this marks the 16 Days of Activism. Which is a good time to book to have an event and book a talk to show where you stand on violence, intimidation, and harassment of women in your workforce.

Domestic Violence is a triggering subject, how do you ensure peoples safety at a talk?

Domestic Family Violence is a heavy subject that has touched most people in some way. I give a trigger warning and helplines before I talk. I have been speaking for over a decade, so I am practised in adding appropriate humour to ease the burden on the audience.

Can companies take individual training programs, or do they need to integrate your work on a bigger scale?

Obviously a more comprehensive approach is going to have a greater impact on those going through Domestic Family Violence, but also as a culture a whole. Talking about the behaviours of abuse is talking about the behaviours of workplace bullying and harassment. Which leads to greater knowledge and action on inappropriate behaviour in the workplace.

How long has Safe Space Workplace been in business?

Safe Space Workplace is in its seventh year of business.

‘Domestic Violence’ as a presentation title isn’t the easiest of subjects for people to hear. However, Lisa tackles the subject with a light-heart, grace and emotion as she guides you through the stories and indicators that we should all be aware of. My entire team were engaged and actively participated throughout with plenty of questions. If the people in our studio are better informed because of the work Lisa does, that makes me a happy woman. Thank you Lisa and keep up the great work.

Emma Bannister

Founder & CEO, Presentation Studio

Lisa McAdams was a key note speaker at a water industry event we co-hosted in March 2018.
She was a pleasure to work with as she sought to understand where we were up to as a sector and how she could best add value for the journey we are on.
Lisa’s skill is in bringing together the head and the heart. At our event she expertly built the case for action, while helping her audience form a personal connection with the issue.
She inspired discussion and motivation for action. Thank you Lisa for such a valuable contribution to our work.

Lucy Weston

Project Manager - Customer Engagement, Water Division

Lisa’s ability to talk about a very sensitive and distressing issue such as domestic violence is priceless. Every time I seek her counsel I walk away inspired, thinking we can do something about domestic violence. Her ability to break the issue down into bite sizes and explain that its the little things that count big empowers everyone to believe they can contribute.

Rob Caslick

Two Good Co

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