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Lisa is an expert on domestic violence and has earned her stripes the hard way. Lisa’s lived experience gives her a depth of knowledge on the complex issue of domestic violence and her time in corporate means she understands the needs of businesses.  She loved her time in corporate and is glad to be back to break the code of silence with her solutions focused plan.

Lisa has the amazing ability to communicate and manages to find the humour in her past. This skill allows Lisa to broach a subject that many shy away from, with a breadth of knowledge and honesty that is unlike anything else in the market place.


Lisa McAdams In The Media

“Lisa was inspirational. Any business’ looking for a business focussed speaker sharing their story about surviving DV Don’t look past Lisa!”


Our Clients

Women’s Legal Service Queensland engaged Lisa as our keynote speaker at the Parliament House Canberra launch of our financial empowerment app, Penda. Lisa’s natural storytelling ability helped to make the sometimes abstract concept of financial abuse and domestic violence real for our audience of government and business leaders. Lisa’s down to earth yet professional communications style enabled her to connect with the audience while discussing a sometimes confronting topic. We would highly recommend Lisa for corporate speaking engagements.

Rebecca Wildermuth

Women’s Legal Services QLD

Mary’s House, a Refuge for women and their children escaping domestic violence, located in North Sydney has been privileged to meet and get to know Lisa. Lisa has shared her story with our Committee members in her own unique way of combining the harrowing experience of surviving domestic violence and its long terms effects with humour and an accessible format to the process, thereby educating the group, engaging them and allowing them to enter into this difficult topic in a safe way. Lisa’s professionalism, warmth and frankness combine to make her a powerful and thought-provoking speaker who is able to take a personal story, and make it relevant to everyone in the audience.  We’re delighted to partner with Lisa to raise awareness of domestic violence and I personally appreciate her honesty and generosity.

Liz Mackinlay

Experienced not-for-profit executive consultant, Mary’s House Steering Committee

I want to say what a pleasure it was to have Lisa’s presentation yesterday. Lisa’s warmth & her connectedness to the group were great. It was good to see the group so actively engaged.

Laurel Walter

The Gender Centre

Lisa’s ability to talk about a very sensitive and distressing issue such as domestic violence is priceless. Every time I seek her counsel I walk away inspired, thinking we can do something about domestic violence. Her ability to break the issue down into bite sizes and explain that its the little things that count big empowers everyone to believe they can contribute.

Rob Caslick

Two Good Co.

Domestic Violence – Changing Culture Saving Lives book will help workplaces to better understand the complexities of domestic violence and the impact on their business and the role the workplace plays, so employees no longer feel out of their depth.

It will help employees better understand the signs and symptoms of domestic abuse, to gain empathy and understanding, and to develop the confidence to communicate effectively.

Lisa shares her knowledge, strategies, and advice intertwined with her personal story to deepen the understanding of this complex issue. This book will give you the confidence to discuss and deal with domestic violence in the workplace in a knowledgeable way.


The book includes:

  • Practical steps that businesses can take to raise awareness of domestic violence
  • Guidance on how to support those impacted by domestic violence
  • Examples from Lisa’s own lived experience to aid understanding
  • Gender-neutral language to encourage everyone to be engaged and supported
  • A list of domestic violence support resources recommended by Lisa

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Courageous Communicator Course just for businesses or can individuals take the course?

The Courageous Communicator Course is an online course which is designed for individuals, but can be adapted for businesses.

Do you do coach individual clients?

Yes, I have been a coach for nearly a decade. I specialise in confidence, knowing your worth and communicating in a way that your needs are met or if they are not, you can make conscious decisions about your future.

Do you coach groups?

At the moment I only coach groups in conjunction with The Courageous Communicator Course. Please book a call to discuss options if you would like Group Coaching.

Does Safe Space Workplace do Behaviour Change work?

Yes, we teach on the language and behaviours of abusive and toxic behaviours so it can be recognised and changed, both in individuals and teams.

When is the International Day of Elimination of Violence of Women?

25th November each year, this marks the 16 Days of Activism. Which is a good time to book to have an event and book a talk to show where you stand on violence, intimidation, and harassment of women in your workforce.

Domestic Violence is a triggering subject, how do you ensure peoples safety at a talk?

Domestic Family Violence is a heavy subject that has touched most people in some way. I give a trigger warning and helplines before I talk. I have been speaking for over a decade, so I am practised in adding appropriate humour to ease the burden on the audience.

Can companies take individual training programs, or do they need to integrate your work on a bigger scale?

Obviously a more comprehensive approach is going to have a greater impact on those going through Domestic Family Violence, but also as a culture a whole. Talking about the behaviours of abuse is talking about the behaviours of workplace bullying and harassment. Which leads to greater knowledge and action on inappropriate behaviour in the workplace.

How long has Safe Space Workplace been in business?

Safe Space Workplace is in its seventh year of business.

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