Building Psychosocially Safe Workplaces
Mitigating Risk While Enhancing Employee Well-Being

The power of empathy, the strength of experience.

Enhancing Employee Well-being and Reducing Psychosocial Risks at Work

Have You Identified Your Workplace Issues?

If You Don’t Address Psychosocial Safety in the Workplace, You Risk a Negative Organisational Culture and Reputation

We Believe Psychosocial Safety in the Workplace is Everybody’s Right

Building Organisational Capacity to Create a Psychosocially Safe Workplace

We collaborate with companies to foster a culture where employees feel safe asking for help and are supported in a trauma-informed manner.

Our organisation-wide training empowers staff to recognise and respond compassionately and safely to various psychosocial challenges, reducing risk and ensuring a supportive and secure workplace environment.

Implementing and embedding psychosocial safety in the workplace not only boosts employee well-being but also mitigates financial and legislative risks. By fostering a supportive environment, companies can reduce turnover, increase productivity, and ensure compliance with evolving regulations, securing a prosperous and sustainable future for all.

We have done it for others and can do the same for you.


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Your Employees Deserve Psychological Safety in the Workplace

Enhance Employee Well-Being

Foster a Supportive and Secure Work Environment for All

Boost Productivity and Engagement

Create a Psychosocially Safe Workplace to Maximise Performance

Reduce Organisational Risks

Implement Practices to Safeguard Your Workforce

The Safe Space Method

Step 1: Schedule a Call

Speak with Lisa McAdams over Zoom to assess where your organisation at the moment and your requirements to move to where you want to be.

Step 2: Action

We will create a customised plan and collaborate to execute it in your organisation build a safe and inclusive workplace.

Step 3: Implement

We work together to mitigate financial and legislative risk by implementing and embedding psychosocial safety strategies, supports and training into your company.

What Our Client Say..


"Professional Collaborative Approach"

Lisa has consulted with me to develop an overall framework for our team members experiencing DFV. Together we developed a holistic, practical guide/policy, tailored to our business. She leverages her experience to provide tangible actions for employers to take to create value and minimise risk. Lisa then worked along with other external partners to launch the guide and start a meaningful conversation with our business leaders and team members.Lisa’s strengths are her articulate, genuine, professional and collaborative approach. I would welcome an opportunity to work with her in the future and personally recommend her to colleagues.
Vanessa Di Amicis
Manager, People Governance Operations Manager, Great Southern Bank

"I Leant so Much"

Lisa is an outstanding leader and professional and has amazing insight and compassion for others and I learnt so much working with her. Lisa is a powerful and emotive speaker who can convey messages with remarkable ease. It was a true joy to work with an amazing woman who is selfless, professional and dedicated to helping people.
Domestic Family Abuse
Libby Cunnnington
Assistant Director AEC

"Lasting Impact"

Lisa skilfully uses her experience to educate and inform, fostering discussions and addressing challenging questions with a perfect blend of grace and humour. Her authentic delivery and invaluable contribution made a lasting impact, elevating the entire space. Lisa's ability to create an environment of understanding and empathy, coupled with her commitment to trauma-informed education, sets a standard for inclusive learning and healing.
Trauma informed
Daf Dar
Program Manager, Two good Co

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