Consulting on Domestic Family Abuse Initiatives

Consulting and Support for Workplace Psychosocial Safety


At Safe Space Workplace, we are dedicated to helping organisations cultivate psychosocial safety in the workplace. Our consulting services provide a comprehensive approach to identifying and addressing potential psychosocial risks, ensuring that your work environment supports the mental and emotional well-being of all employees. We collaborate with your leadership team to design and implement tailored strategies, policies, and training programs that promote a culture of safety, trust, and inclusivity.

Beyond consulting, we offer ongoing support to help maintain and enhance psychosocial safety. This includes regular assessments, feedback sessions, and continuous improvement initiatives to keep your workplace thriving. Our goal is to empower your organisation to create a supportive environment where employees feel valued, understood, and motivated, ultimately leading to increased productivity, reduced turnover, and a more resilient workforce. By prioritising psychosocial safety, you demonstrate a commitment to the holistic well-being of your team, setting the foundation for long-term success.

Enhancing DFA and Mental Health Initiatives through Psychosocial Safety

At Safe Space Workplace, we understand that establishing a foundation of psychosocial safety is crucial for the successful implementation of DFA and mental health initiatives. Our comprehensive approach to consulting and support ensures that your workplace fosters an environment of trust, open communication, and empathy. When employees feel psychologically safe, they are more likely to engage in conversations about sensitive issues, seek help, and participate in programs designed to support their well-being. This supportive atmosphere ensures that initiatives addressing DFA and mental health are met with openness and cooperation, making them more effective and impactful.

Our services go beyond simply introducing these initiatives. We work with your organisation to create a culture of awareness and understanding. By providing training and resources, we help your leaders and employees recognise the signs and impacts of domestic family abuse and the importance of mental health initiatives, promoting early intervention and continuous support. This proactive approach not only enhances the effectiveness of specific initiatives but also integrates them seamlessly into your broader organisational culture. As a result, your employees feel valued and supported, leading to increased engagement, reduced stigma, and a more resilient workforce.

Psychosocial Safety Training

Consulting on Domestic Family Abuse Initiatives

We specialise in consulting on domestic family abuse initiatives to help organisations create safer, more supportive environments. Our approach is comprehensive and tailored to your unique needs. We work closely with your team to design, implement, and refine initiatives that address domestic family abuse, ensuring they align with your organisational goals and culture. From policy development to employee training, we provide expert guidance every step of the way.

Our consulting services go beyond mere compliance, focusing on fostering a culture of awareness and empathy. We help you develop effective communication strategies, create supportive resources, and establish clear protocols for responding to domestic family abuse. By partnering with us, you equip your organisation with the tools and knowledge to support affected employees effectively, ultimately promoting a healthier, more inclusive workplace.

Audit, Review & Recommend


Our comprehensive “Audit, Review, and Recommend” service is designed to ensure your organisation’s policies, procedures, toolkits, and support systems are robust and effective in addressing domestic family abuse. We begin with a thorough audit of your existing frameworks, meticulously reviewing every aspect to identify strengths, gaps, and areas for improvement. This critical analysis helps us understand how well your current systems support affected employees and whether they foster a safe and supportive work environment.

Following the audit, we provide detailed recommendations tailored to your organisation’s specific needs. These suggestions aim to enhance your existing protocols, introduce best practices, and implement new strategies that ensure a comprehensive and compassionate response to domestic family abuse. Our goal is to empower your organisation with the knowledge and tools necessary to create a safe, supportive, and proactive environment for all employees. Through our expertise, we help you build a workplace where every individual feels secure and value

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Lisa's skill is bringing together the head and the heart !"

Lisa McAdams was a key note speaker at a water industry event we co-hosted She was a pleasure to work with as she sought to understand where we were up to as a sector and how she could best add value for the journey we are on. Lisa’s skill is in bringing together the head and the heart. At our event she expertly built the case for action, while helping her audience form a personal connection with the issue. She inspired discussion and motivation for action. Thank you Lisa for such a valuable contribution to our work.
Senior Adviser - Compliance and Engagement (VPSG5) Melbourne

"Down to earth, yet professional!"

Lisa’s natural storytelling ability helped to make the sometimes-abstract concept of financial abuse and domestic violence real for our audience of government and business leaders. Lisa’s down to earth yet professional communications style enabled her to connect with the audience while discussing a sometimes-confronting topic.
Rebecca Wildermuth
Senior Communications Officer at NIISQ Agency

"Lasting Impact!"

I've never heard anyone better articulate the cause, effect and resolution of domestic violence in the workplace. Lisa's ability to communicate in an engaging manner what is going on and how-to best support someone going through domestic violence has been invaluable
Rob Caslick
ProgrFounder Two Good Co Sydney

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